Heart It Races Megamix

Check out this little megamix i put together the other day that features a slew of Heart it Races remixes and cover versions. Stream & tracklist below!

I think that “Heart It Races”, upon it’s release in 2007, is one of the songs which helped to usher in a global aesthetic into the music zeitgeist. We are now consciously feeling its effects. It’s this exceptionally creative moment and sound that I attempt to celebrate with this mix.

so theres that…

My apologies for the extended silence of late from the Spirit Fingaz camp. The fates have not really been in my favor for doing mixes or remixes and stuff like that. But fear not! I have a remix up my sleeve that i will probably go ahead and post next week, bro. It’ll be exclusive to this blog, and possibly only available for a limited time. So check back soon! It’ll be worth it!