Canblaster “Clockworks” Premier and Download

Canblaster - Master of Complications

This brand new tune from Cédric Steffens AKA Canblaster can be made into some serious zeros and ones on your hardrive right now! [Via RCRDLBL]

All of the trademark Canblaster touches are there. The stuttering and clipped percussion and 909 claps, the house-y organ stabs and of course an intense production quality, that borders on unbridled sound-design. This track makes me feel like I’m in an enormous clicking, clanking, ticking clock, which also happens to be a Parisian nightclub (and I think there’s a sexy lady whispering in my ear).

GO GET IT! and cop the “Master of Complications” EP when it drops on Nightshifters in the near future. Can’t wait for that Para One & Teki Latex remix!