Mister Tweeks Mix

the Pelican Fly camp is steadily becoming the label to watch with their brand of next level future club. Mister Tweeks who is co-founder of the label, and quite possibly my favorite producer at the moment, just dropped this mix. It’s a blazingly briliant tour de force; succinctly summing up the Pelican sound.

Can you handle more Pelican Fly? check out Founder, DJ Slow’s recent mix for the P Fly mix series!
Dj Slow – Pelican Fly Mix 001 (September 2011) by pelicanfly


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DJ Spirit Fingaz

Dj Spirit Fingaz began djing for cash in 2005. For years prior to this, he would spend countless hours in his bedroom perfecting his "air scratch" (he couldn't afford real turntables) and attempting to, in his mind, beat-match the sound of crickets chirping outside of his open window during late summer night sessions. Flip to the year 2013 and Dj Spirit Fingaz can be heard delivering an ecclectic mix of music, on real turntables (he prefers solid gold technics 1200s), from his home base in & around Seattle.

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