Audiosis Benefit Show at The Sunset Tavern with Trent Moorman

I’ll be playing with Trent Moorman from Head Like A Kite!! We’re gonna do a sort of improvisational performance, similiar to Ruff Gemz nights. It should be pretty fun!

It’s for the Audioasis Live Broadcast and Benefit Show

You can check out the details and get tix here:


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DJ Spirit Fingaz

Dj Spirit Fingaz began djing for cash in 2005. For years prior to this, he would spend countless hours in his bedroom perfecting his "air scratch" (he couldn't afford real turntables) and attempting to, in his mind, beat-match the sound of crickets chirping outside of his open window during late summer night sessions. Flip to the year 2013 and Dj Spirit Fingaz can be heard delivering an ecclectic mix of music, on real turntables (he prefers solid gold technics 1200s), from his home base in & around Seattle.