Bodymore (Baltimore!)

Imagine being a 16-year-old in Baltimore, not doing much other than dancing and being cute, and all of the sudden local club genius DJ Blaqstarr (read up on him here) puts you on a song and you’re touring the globe with your rap mentor MIA and have a video of you dancing and being cute. Rye Rye did that. – the fader

this weeks mix

Seattle is now settling into winter, which means about four solid months of rain. My body however was not prepared apearantly and i got a cold. so i’m taking a break. I should be back next week with a fresh new mix for all my peeps though for sure.

However! I’m not going to leave you empty handed. check out this totally sweet mix by Les Gillettes After hearing this mix i am now a fan of these nice ladies

Les Gillettes Mix

they’re on the Finnish label New Judas

dj mix wednesday: volume 6

Guy Bourdin


Digging deep in the archives now, here’s a genre-spanning mix i did in the summer of ’06 using Traktor software and an Ozone midi keyboard (recorded live at the jazz club, the triple door in downtown Seattle). I’ve improved right!

downtempo -> hip hop -> electro funk -> disco -> electro house and back! Awesome!

expect a new downtempo styled mix like this one coming soon…

Peter, Björn, and John………the MEGAMIX…

i was messin’ around in Ableton today and whipped this up and recorded it live. I fucked up a little (i don’t have a midi trigger, give me a break), but I thought it was fun….i was just trying to show how much i love some of the breaks off the new Peter, Björn, & John record…

so i’m posting it!!

PBJ Megamix!!!

if you liked that and just can’t get enough try

PBJ Megamix Part Deux…also just for fun